3rd Party DMV Administrative Office

Miami Beach, FL

Are you in the Miami Beach, FL area and looking for a driving school, which offers 4, 8, and 12-hour courses? The school to visit is Miami-Dade Driving School. We offer all driving courses in connection to beginning, intermediate, and advanced driver improvement. We offer a 4-hour BDI course via the internet. There is no hurry; go at your own pace. All the course materials are on the Internet and are worked on in sections. Feel free to sign off and get back online again as much as you need. You are guaranteed to pass. We offer free retakes. We have live phone representatives to help you with registration or to answer questions. We offer free phone and email support. No points will be added to your driving record for the current violation. As long as you don't have another accident associated with the ticket, no insurance increases will follow. 4 sessions, 50 minutes each. There are 10-minute breaks in between each section. The final quiz has 40 questions which are multiple choice and T or F.

The 8-hour IDI course is for intermediate driver improvement. The course is taken on the internet or in a live classroom situation. The 8-hour course is more detailed than the 4-hour course. In some counties, it may be taken instead of the 4-hour course. Such courses are often taken when a judge orders the taking of an 8-hour course in terms of a citation. Remember, you are guaranteed to pass, and we offer free retakes.

Finally, there is our 12-hour advanced ADI course. Again, you can either choose to attend a live class or you can complete the course work online. It is suitable for people who are required to take an advanced driver improvement course. The course identifies driving behaviors that can lead to troubling or bad driving habits. Citation information must be provided to us if this is connected to a citation.

So, whether you want to take the 4, 8, and 12-hour courses, call us today to register. We are dedicated to teaching safe driving skills to the residents of the Miami Beach, FL vicinity.