4 8 And 12 Hour Courses

Hialeah, FL

Are you a person living in the Hialeah, FL area who wants to go to driving school, learn to drive and obtain your Florida State Driver's License? Pick up your phone and call us right now at Miami Dade Driving School. At Miami Dade Driving School, our instructors are all state-certified and skilled at teaching students how to drive. We stress on defensive driving. The Hialeah, FL area has one of the highest percentages of traffic accidents in the state. In an environment like this, it's essential to learn good defensive driving skills. We will start you off learning the rules and regulations of the roads, making sure you have a firm foundation and develop safe driving habits early in your career. Then when you're ready, you can take your driving test in the same car you learned to drive. When you're ready for your lesson, we'll pick you up wherever you are. So you can start your lesson at school, home, work or wherever you happen to be. We're flexible at Miami Dade Driving School, so you can take a few hours of instruction or a whole course if you prefer.

So, if you're looking for a great driving school, come see us. Hialeah, FL is considered one of the cities with the worst drivers, according to a study by Allstate Insurance. Get prepared to drive in the Hialeah area by taking a defensive driving course at Miami Dade Driving School. We have a variety of programs sure to fit your needs. Give us a call today. We are dedicated to driver safety training. Our instructors strive to go beyond local, state and federal standards. Maximum driver safety is our commitment to you. Each of our courses is certified by the State of Florida. We have an excellent reputation and taking a course with us may get you a significant discount with most auto insurance companies.