Driving Test Center

Sweetwater, FL

Are you in the Sweetwater, FL and looking for a 3rd party DMV administrative office? At Miami Dade Driving School, we are a state-approved 3rd Party DMV administrative office. You can get your learner's permit here, and we offer 4, 8, and 12-hour driver improvement courses at our facilities. We are authorized to administer the Florida State driver's permit test online to anyone under the age of 18. You don't have to be in Miami-Dade to take it. We offer convenient classes for all our driving courses which can be either completed in the classroom, online or through DVD. We supply court-ordered and voluntary DUI courses. Our online traffic school is another one of the courses Miami-Dade Driving School offers. These include the 4-hour BDI, 8-hour IDI, First time Driver and DMV Permit test, 12-hour advanced Driver Improvement and a Mature Driver Course. We are approved by the State of Florida and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to offer various safe and defensive driving courses. We also offer driving courses that help our students take and pass the Florida DMV Driver's License test. We will give you a firm foundation of the laws and rules, teach you safe, defensive driving, and allow you to do the test in the car you learned to drive in. As a state-approved 3rd party DMV administrative office, we have a commitment to not only comply with the standards set by the state, local, and federal authorities, but also to go above and beyond that standard, training the safest drivers in Florida.

All our coursework and instructors are state-certified. Successful completion of our course work shows compliance with safety regulations and often leads to reduced auto insurance rates. So if you're in the Sweetwater, FL vicinity and in need of driver training or any other services, come to our state-approved 3rd party DMV administrative office. We are qualified to train and administer tests. Give us a call today!