Written Substance Abuse Testing

Miami, FL

Are you a person in the Miami, FL area who has a DUI conviction and need written substance abuse testing as a probation requirement? You can get this done at Miami Dade Driving School. At Miami Dade, we have a full DUI program that allows you to take either a Level 1 or Level II class, depending on several factors. If you have a previous DUI arrest or DUI conviction or were enrolled in a DUI program previously, you will need the Level II class. Once you register with the Miami Dade Driving School DUI program you will receive a proof of enrollment and other required paperwork. Along with our DUI School that has written substance abuse testing, Miami Dade Driving School offers other programs. These include Traffic School, which allows you to keep your safe driver status and keep your insurance rate from increasing. We also offer driving lessons that will qualify you to test with the DMV for your driver's license. We go about our training as a safe driver course. Most importantly, we want you to develop safe habits as a driver. Our instructors are all state-certified and will get you ready to take the test using the same vehicle we train you in. Whether you have had some experience driving or you are completely new to driving, Miami-Dade Driving School can give you either a few lessons or you can choose from one of our complete packages. We specialize in defensive driving. The Miami, FL area has a high percentage of traffic-related accidents, making defensive driving skills essential. We'll start you off learning the rules and regulations and help you to acquire the skills that will allow you to take and pass the Florida driving exam.

Whether you are a beginner behind the wheel, or just need a refresher course to get you going again, we're here at your service. Give us a call today; we'll set you up with our DUI School and make sure you get the written substance abuse testing done. We look forward to serving you.